7 ways to increase IQ
January 2, 2021

7 Ways To Increase IQ in 2021

By Mr Nord

Thinking that your intelligence is set in stone? Think again – Increasing IQ is easier than ever before.

Intelligence is fluid, there’s even such a thing called as fluid intelligence (the other ones called crystallised intelligence)

We’ve looked through a large number of publications from scientists around the world whose main goal is to figure out the human brain in order to increase the human intelligence. The findings are interesting, some are even chocking. You’ll wonder why you haven’t heard of number 7 before and how this will make it easier to increase IQ.

1. Exercise

If you want your brain to be quicker, sharper and wittier then the evidence suggests you should visit the gym, regularly.
A study from Germany found that senior citizens who did mild physical activity reduced their cognitive decline by half compared to the group that had less physical activity.

There’s also widespread evidence that exercising will do very good for adults and even children. The reason for physical excercise to boost brain function is that excercise boosts the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, which helps the brain to think. This would also promote the brain to grow new neurons and release certain neurotransmitters that’re crucial to the brain’s overall health.

Excercise will increase memory and concentration


2. Read books that challenges your beliefs

Another great way of increasing your intelligence quotient (IQ) is to read books that inspires your brain to fire neurons to new connections than before. Think about it, in for your brain to get better it needs to get fresh new ideas. Well how does your brain “do” something new?

You need to trigger the brain into something out of it’s comfort zone, to build new connections. If you have the same tedious life with the same tedious thoughts every day. Then your brain will quickly deteriorate. You will feel slower in your thoughts – you will fail to remember those old memories, and new words will no longer be words you can reference.

When you read a book you haven’t read before, with new words – new sentences you treat your brain with the best possible gift. A home-makeover. In order to increase IQ it’s vital live a refreshing life, with new experiences and challenging situations.

A way to maximise the firing of new neural paths is to read and entertain thoughts that challenges your inner beliefs. Be your own devils advocate, why do you believe that money is the key to success? Why do you believe that only straight people should get married? Why do you think animals should be killed for food?

3. Do brain training

There are actually not that many brain training methods that have been scientifically prove to increase IQ. But one that has tremendous scientific support is the Dual N Back method.

dual n back iq
How Dual N Back increased brain power

4. Learn a new language

Learning a new language might seem daunting, but it’s one of those things that’ll reward you with a better brain, and a perfectly good skill that you can use in all aspects of your life. It’s also fun, which is a big win, because other tasks on this list might not be something worth jumping in bed for.

5. Learn a musical instrument

The science is clear on this one. Learning to play the piano, the guitar, or whatever instrument you fancy will increase your IQ because learning, and mastering a new instrument requires focus, multitasking, problem solving and will help get your blood flowing to the left hemisphere on the brain (resulting in a burst of energy). It’s never too late to learn a new instrument and it’s also fun (frustrating at times of course). We recommend to use Yousician to learn your next instrument.

6. Eat better food

Food fuels your brain. Therefore it’s important to get the right kind of fuel into your body. There’s a ton of research that shows that animal foods will drain your body of useful energy and will impair the body’s immune system (you’ll get sick more often). The best food according to this Harvard study is a fully plant based vegan diet.

7. Socialise with other people

And that brings us to the last element to maximise your cognitive potential: Networking. What’s great about this last objective is that if you are doing the other four things, you are probably already doing this as well. If not, start. Immediately.

By networking with other people—either through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or in face-to-face interactions—you are exposing yourself to the kinds of situations that are going to make objectives 1-4 much easier to achieve. By exposing yourself to new people, ideas, and environments, you are opening yourself up to new opportunities for cognitive growth. Being in the presence of other people who may be outside of your immediate field gives you opportunities to see problems from a new perspective, or offer insight in ways that you had never thought of before.