January 3, 2021

Is 80 a Good IQ score? Find out Pros and Cons

By Mr Nord

If you’ve just done an IQ test online and got 80 as your score and you’re looking for what this means then look no further as we’ll explain the following:

  • How you compare to others with your 80 IQ score
  • What science says you’ll be earning
  • How you can focus on increasing your IQ
  • How to see if your efforts are rewarding you

Here’s how you compare to others: An IQ of 80 means that you’re way below the average IQ. Think you’re not dumber than your friends? Well you might not be.

IQ tests are constructed with something called “bell curve” which aims to place everyone in different distributions of scores (see image below).

Bell curve

You need to make sure that the IQ test you took is the correct one for you. If you’re 12 years old for example and you took an IQ tests which was designed for adults, then you’ll get a lower IQ – just because adults generally score higher. A bell curve makes it impossible for a whole generation to improve their IQ score, instead when we get smarter we have to create more difficult questions.

With an IQ of 80 you’ll be earning £8750 less per year compared to someone with an IQ of 100 and £14000 less per year compared to someone with an IQ of 120.

Ohio State University in Columbus USA – Jay Zagorsky

You should focus on reading and brain training to improve your IQ

If you put your mind to it and have a work ethic (which has nothing to do with intelligence) then you can achieve greatness and even increase your IQ. Focus on reading books, start with books on topics you already find interesting and pivot toward books that challenge you.

You can also do brain training, Dual N Back is the only method with scientific support, so try that for a few months and then come back and do the IQ test again.