January 3, 2021

Is 80 a Good IQ score? Find out Pros and Cons

If you’ve just done an IQ test online and got 80 as your score and you’re looking for what this means then look no further as we’ll explain the following: How you compare to others with your 80 IQ score What science says you’ll be earning How you can focus on increasing your IQ How to see if your efforts are rewarding you Here’s how […]

January 2, 2021

The Best Way to Increase Working Memory (Dual n Back)

There aren’t that many methods that have scientific support when it comes to increasing working memory (gF). The most widely supported method of increasing your working memory is by using Dual N Back. We use the one from Brainworkshop since it’s the best one developed out there (only works on Windows PC).

January 2, 2021

7 Ways To Increase IQ in 2021

Thinking that your intelligence is set in stone? Think again – Increasing IQ is easier than ever before. Intelligence is fluid, there’s even such a thing called as fluid intelligence (the other ones called crystallised intelligence) We’ve looked through a large number of publications from scientists around the world whose main goal is to figure out the human brain in order to increase the human […]